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News from Virtualairlines.eu

Aircraft info API

    Virtualairlines.eu is proud to announce a new free (member-only) service: the aircraft info API. This will enable you to quickly lookup data of more than ...

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Airport info API

    We are proud to announce a new service: the Airport info API. 

    In the PHPvms admin section you can add airports, and it used to be possibl...

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New visualisation

    We have two new visualisations available to those who upload their schedules to us

    The first is a map where you can see how well your airline c...

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Check out our blog

    New at virtualairlines.eu: we have a blog full of code snippets, tips and tricks on PHPvms, th...

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Airline intelligence programme

    Virtualairlines.eu is proud to announce the airline intelligence programme!

    By submitting your flight data to us, instead of VAcentral, you can...

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Find scheduled flights on this site

    Pilots can now search and  find scheduled flights of airlines who submitted their flight schedule to virtualairlines.eu

    Just click on the ...

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Welcome to virtualairlines.euWe bring pilots and virtualairlines together

Whether you are a manager at a virtual airline or a pilot looking for a new challenge, you have come to the right site! At virtualairlines.eu we believe the merit of an airline is in how well it meets the demands and wishes of its pilots. And because these demands are very diverse, we have created a unique Virtual Airline Search Engine. Now you can find and be found based on how well the airlines' features meet the pilots demands!

As a pilot, you want to fly for an airline that suits your needs.

We created a search engine that will help you find the perfect VA. We also provide a fuel planner, so you'll never run out of avgas again.

Find an airline

If you own or manage a VA, you don't want to miss out on our services.

We have not only the most comprehensive airline search on the web, but also provide various services for airline managers that help enhance your organisation.

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Infinity World Airlines Launching Soon!

Posted by Logan Deysel on 08/07/2018

Good day folks! This is an exciting endeavor and something we're looking forward to day by day so that we can share it with all virtual pilots across the globe. Things are slowly coming together and we're hoping with some expert people behind our brand we'll be one of the top airlines to be part of. Ask yourself the following: Do you want to be part of a new and upcoming VA and see it grow? Do you want to be the one to say, "I helped do that!" Do you get excited about the world of aviation? How about teaching? Or do you prefer to be behind the scenes...as in seen but not heard? :P Don't worry, at Infinity World Airlines you'll always be heard, no matter where you fit in. If you've answered yes to any of the above, come on and join us today and help us get up from the ground and soar. We have the following positions open: Operations Director Fleet Coordinator Routes Manager Events & Tour Coordinator Membership Director Marketing Director Training Director Please note that we are starting the recruitment process while our website is under construction. So should you be successful in your application to us, your input would be valued! Should you be interested in applying for any of the above positions, please do not hesitate to email us at recruitment@infinityworldva.co.za. PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING VIA EMAIL, PROVIDE US WITH THE FOLLOWING DETAILS: Put the position you're applying for as the subject Your real name Age Experience that would qualify you for the position References to any flying experience you might have for any of the current VA's or platforms available Just tell us about yourself and why you would want to be part of the Infinity World team MAIN REQUIREMENT: Fluency in English is a must! So let's do this together! Let Infinity World Airlines take you to infinity and beyond!

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Posted by Mosaab Alkhateeb on 25/06/2018


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We are recruiting

Posted by ALAN COOKE on 04/03/2018

Hi all, As our Airline grows and to be competitive with other VA's we have decided to open up a vacancy for a Events and Marketing Director. This is a full voting and senior staff position. Duties will include keeping a strong and active presence on our social media pages, organising events for our members to socialise and fly together. The successful applicant will also be expected to be an active member on our teamspeak, discord and forum as well as completing at least 2 flights per month. Good video editing skills would be an advantage as we are in the need of a short video, advertising our VA. To apply for this position an email should be sent to ceo@virtualei.net stating relevant experience and examples of your work. A knowledge of PHPVMS admin center would also be a distinct advantage but not essential as full training can be given. This will be a rolling advertisement until a suitable applicant is found. Best wishes Alan

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RCJ's Return to the skies

Posted by Joseph Rogg on 31/12/2017

On December 29, 2017, RCJ Transport lifted off from Marche Airport (LIPY) after a lengthy absence from the sim community. This cargo flight, bound for RAF Lakenheath (EGUL), signaled the va's long awaited return to the virtual skies. After suffering devastating events (servers wiped out in flood) in Oct 2015, RCJ returned to the air 5 months later. Equipment failures, would once again ground the company just 3 months later. With the failure of 2 external hard drives, everything was lost. During the next 18 months, the servers were relocated, reconstruction of the website began, and data recovery was attempted. After a year and a half, I am pleased to announce that RCJ Transport, has returned to the skies and is operational once again.

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***** New Positions ******

Posted by Matthew Osborne on 02/12/2017

Flex Virtual Airlines is now under new management and we are looking at getting it back up and going as soon as possible. We are looking to fill the following positions. Chief Operations Director (Experience essential, Live chat interview) Chief Flight Instructor (VATSIM rated, Experience essential, Live chat interview) Closing date for the positions above is the 09th December the letters of role offer will be 10th December from the CEO. Please send an email to hr@flexvirtualairlines.com if you are interested, The subject, please include the position you are interested in. The email should include, Some information about yourself, Past virtual airline history, What would you like to see in a virtual airline? Why do you think you are the right person for this role? How many hours can you commit to the role each week? Do you have a VATSIM P rating? Anyone from 13 years of age can apply. Applicants aged 13 years of age can hold a staff position however they must prove to be mature and able to demonstrate their abilities in a professional manner.

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Transload Virtual Airlines

Posted by Ron Batchelor on 25/11/2017

It was 2002 when Transload Airlines made their debut, and grew to over 1000 members, 8 Divisions, and 6 Custom Transload Base add on sceneries. Transload was founded by Ken Pualick, with the vision of a developing a Virtual Airline where no matter your lever of flight knowledge, your were part of the family. This was a great success. Aircraft were developed by Mike Stone, (A name known by most) and paint design & airport design by Gerry J. Smith. With the release of FSX, in 2009, Transload took a step back, and as it has been said, "Life Happens" and Transload slowly faded. I went off to operate Evergreen Virtual Airlines, with many of the Transload management to follow. Dan Jones, and Howard Phipps continued to paint aircraft as they were requested. When the R/W Evergreen International deceased, so did Evergreen Virtual. Transload Virtual Airlines has been operating pretty much in a silent mode for the last 4 years, and we feel it is time to step it up and see how we can flow. All of our operations for the last 9 years has been using VAFinancials, which has been a great program, but I feel it is time for a change. We will continue to run VAFS until further notice. PHPvms is new to me, and I owe a great deal to 209 Studios for the SkyBlue Skin, and the outstanding support to work with me on any issues I was having. Tho we are not 100%, I feel we are ready for operation. This will be a long work in progress, and the goals will be achieved. Transload Airlines will not have any flight restrictions as you will find with other VAs. If you have time to fly a route, it will be accepted. If you land over 350 fpm, it will be accepted. If you are looking for training, you will be accepted. The divisions of Transload, Commercial Connection Business Jet Cargo Bush European Oceanic Military As mentioned, you have a choice of VAFS, http://www.transloadvirtual.com or SmartCars for PHPvms. http://www.transloadvirtual.site We are a member operated company, and I hope to welcome you home to help re-build a living legend.

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New Website Version Has Been Released!

Posted by Nicolas Moreau on 21/11/2017

Hey guys, we just released our website version 3 online. It comes with new features sush as: -Real Schedule Database Script Improved - Financial System fully working like ticket price, pilot pay, company expenses and Jumpseat Module -Simbrief fully integrated -New forum ... and more coming soon

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The Mummy Run

Posted by Jason Baker on 28/10/2017

The un-dead have travel needs too. There is no other night more satisfying to a Mummy, then to terrorize the living on Halloween. So, grab your favorite jet and pack it full of virtual Mummies as we depart the Valley of the Kings, making are way north to reunite these Mummies with their fellow un-dead at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Also enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Pyramids. May they wreak havoc on the people of Cairo. Join us this Halloween as we tribute a flight in honor of one of our beloved scary pastimes. Sign Up Now:http://disneyair.net/index.php/ccevents/event/10

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RXA - Regional Express (Australia)

Posted by Topher Webb on 28/10/2017

Today we added RXA flights to our schedules. Rex has its roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia. Its tagline boldly affirms that ‘Our Heart is in the Country’. Rex believes that the bush needs and deserves an air service of quality that provides good connectivity with capital cities at affordable prices. Rex seeks to fulfil these expectations. Since its formation, Rex has steered a course balancing the needs of regional communities for extensive and affordable air services and to be economically viable and sustainable. Rex has 52 SAAB-340 aircraft to 54 destinations within Australia

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Dreamliner Delivery Tour online

Posted by Rick Winkelman on 12/10/2017

We have added our delivery tour for the great dreamliner that will take you from Seattle to Amsterdam. More info at Silverwings VA

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Fly to Faro

Posted by Mike Bravo on 21/02/2016

European Virtual Airlines is proud to announce a new airport in our network; Faro is a popular holiday destination in the south of Portugal. European Virtual Airlines flies to Faro from our hubs Munich and Gatwick, and also from Luxemburg and Geneva, with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A321. If you haven't got it already, here's your chance to earn the award for being the first to fly to a new destination or being the first to fly one of the scheduled flights. I hope you enjoy flying to Faro and look forward to seeing you in the skies!

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New website

Posted by Joao Pereira on 03/05/2015

Our new website is online starting now!! A cleaner and modern look, fully responsive website, ready for mobile and tablet browsing. In addition, we left VAFS. From today, a new and proprietary Crew Management System is ready. It will join all pilots information and managing, a live map, fleet and airport detailed pages, improved schedules search and bidding and a detailed Pilot Center. Our proprietary software is also ready for you to use: TEA Crew Ultimateacars Platform (TEACUP) was build for serious simmers, it will make all flight's evaluation automatically and present you a detailed Flight Score. Pilot's performance is the key for this new website philosophy, where pilot skills matter for pilot's progression, and not just flight hours. Also, a Pilot Store is available, with some software discounts ready. Just for registered pilots. Come and take a look! You're invited. THE STAFF www.fly-tea.com

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Atlas Virtual Airlines is back!

Posted by Mike Bravo on 26/01/2015

Atlas Virtual Airlines is proud to announce its comeback after two years being offline! With a fleet of 13 aircraft, more than 230 destinations worldwide and over 1300 flight schedules, we are back in the virtual aviation business. Whether you fly props or jets, whether you are new to flight simulators or a seasoned pilot, you are welcome at the new Atlas, no matter which flight simulator you use. It's our goal to continually improve atlas virtual airlines as a place where you can give a purpose to your flying, meet other pilots, learn something new but, most of all, have fun doing so!

In a nutshell, here's why you should join Atlas Virtual Airlines:

- More than 230 airports around the world, some of which are the most challenging in the world
- Our hubs are Frankfurt/Main (EDDF), Indianapolis (KIND), Singapore (WSSS), Bogota (SKBO) and Luanda (FNLU)
- Our fleet of 13 different aircraft ranges from the 19-seater Beechcraft prop to the "queen of the skies": the Boeing 747.
- Our ranking system is based on flight time and experience points. You earn points for smooth landings, flying on time, etc, and the more points you have the higher your rank.
- We have over 1300 scheduled flights per day, so you can choose from several flights at any given time.
- With our unique charter system you, the pilot, get to choose what you transport, where to, and when.
- AVA is open to everyone: whether you fly props or heavies, vatsim or ivao, and regardless what simulator you use, you are welcome at EVA.
- Our forum is fully integrated in the website, and there is no separate account needed thanks to our special one-click login system.
- Chat live with other pilots on the fully integrated chatbox - no IRC needed
- All the info you need to fly is collected on a single flight briefing page: airport charts, weather information, route planner and a fuel calculator.
-Our ACARS systems make filing a pirep easy - download links and setup instructions for the most common software are on our website.
- Find scheduled flights quick and easy, straight from your pilot center. We also have a page where flights are listed by airport.
- In our picture gallery you can see screenshots of other pilots and upload your own!

More information hereor head straight to our website

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New VAFinancials site

Posted by Matthew Smith on 09/03/2014

Crossair is please to announce that we now have a new website running VAFinancials. Check it out at www.crossairvirtual.com

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AirMak Virtual looking for staff

Posted by Filip Markoski on 24/02/2014

AirMak is looking for Event Manager. If you are interested, apply via f.markoskairmakva.com or https://airmakva.wufoo.com/forms/airmak-virtual-staff-application/

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